Destanne Norris

Destanne is a professional artist with an MFA degree from the University of Tasmania, who explores the universe in paint and words. She turns to nature as a retreat and as an environment to play in which inspires her creativity. Destanne's artwork organically transitioned from the land and mountains, through the water and some fire, then into the sky before venturing into the vastness of space and the mysterious cosmos landscape. Her work has been exhibited on three continents and has been collected by hundreds of art collectors.

Destanne is renowned for her use of colours, shapes and the mystic which is born from the tragic loss of her young daughter. A story which is touchingly told in her award-winning book, "Leah's Gift" and a documentary film, "Beneath the Painted Surface".

Destanne has a unique ability to reveal and mirror "inscape and landscape" in her painting. She communicates her intuitive knowledge along with her skills, education and experience as an artist and published author, when she inspires and guides others in discovering their ability to create art and write. She's passionate about sharing her gifts through lectures, demonstrations, artist-in-residence programs, and workshops.

Destanne lived and played on Silver Star Mountain for many years managing a boutique resort and now loves to share this magical place that she continues to enjoy, with others.

Lorelei Fiset

Lorelei is an entrepreneur, planner, writer, and retirement life coach who specializes in helping others discover their meaning, purpose and joy through their creativity.

After a 30-year six-figure career in the corporate and government world, Lorelei left to pursue her passions for guiding small business, non-profits, and community development as owner of Pinnacle Communications & Media, a successful Canadian company. She has created training programs, offered workshops, planned major events and brings it all home to the benefit of others. 

Lorelei believes strongly in the connection between intuition, creativity, and purposeful action to bring one’s dreams into existence. She enjoys strategic planning, facilitating groups, and writing of all types.

Lorelei is always learning and open to opportunities to share inspiration with others.  After becoming an accredited professional business communicator in 2000, she then became a certified retirement coach in 2014 and a yoga instructor in 2019. 

Lorelei lives in the North Okanagan with her spouse and a few hundred flying friends in the backyard over the summer. She travels frequently to see the world and her children and grandchildren. Her latest trip is a Rhine river cruise (August 2022). She especially enjoys French, Mediterranean and vegetarian cuisine, outdoor yoga, forest walking, kayaking, writing and making pottery in the studio.